Updates from Honduras

Easter week is a time for big celebration in Honduras. Many people, because of tradition, eat fish instead of beef during these days. So our Honduran partners baked canned tuna fish empanadas to share with the ladies Ministry at the prison.

Cristina making empanada dough

Don’t the empanadas look yummy!


From our partner Cristina –

For Easter we visited one of our pastor’s family. Pastor Carlos and his wife Rosa welcomed us in their home. Our surprise was that her daughter Nery, who is 13 years old, prepared dinner for us without asking, these means she got the desire and the idea to do it and it was delicious. This is Honduran country hospitality; they always share what they have even if they have so little!                

From left to right: Marvin, Cristina, Pastor Carlos, Rosa

Cristina and Nery


As with all our partners around the world, we like to pray alongside them with their needs.  Cristina and Marvin had a few urgent prayer requests they’d like to share with the rest of the Hands Giving Hope family.

Prayer requests:

Hands Giving Hope, our partner is working so hard to try to find the resources to keep the 4 Feeding Centers running, but  it’s been difficult. Our concern is. we may be forced to close one or two of the feeding centers. Each feeding center provides around 350 children with a daily lunch that would otherwise go without. The thought of loosing even one center hurts our heart since it means at least 350 children will go hungry. Lunch not only helps nourish their bodies, but also helps them perform better at school. These are children of very poor families. Please pray with us. Each feeding center cost about $800 per month to run. We need prayer and action and our God will provide!

Our other prayer request is for us and the pastors that serve in this ministry. For wisdom, health, grow and provision for the different programs.

Our hearts are filled with gratitude to God, because up to this point He has brought us and has supported us and also you, our partners and beloved brothers and sisters in Christ. Thanks for your spiritual and financial support! We appreciate that!

In Christ love and service,

Marvin & Cristina Rodriguez

Matthew 28:19-20  

 Serving God is a privilege

Giving to God’s work and missions is a blessing

If you’d like to give towards our feeding centers in Honduras or any Honduras related outreach, please click the Donate button below.  Also, in the Comments section include “Honduras Outreach” or the specific area in Honduras you’d like to give towards.  We greatly appreciate your support!

We greatly appreciate your support!


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