Monthly update from Kenya

As I get monthly reports from Pastor Daniel and pictures of the kids we are feeding and educating it brings me great joy and at the same time I realize their very difficult living conditions.

Snack time with the kids

Water for these Turkana kids can not be taken for granted. They don’t know when they will have their next cup of water. A well in their community is desperately needed. Please pray for funding for a well. With all the challenges these kids face on a daily basis there are still some smiles on their faces. Join with me to continue to put a smile on their face and a hope for the future.

Such a contagious smile!

We are always so greatful to hear and see reports from Pastor Daniel and would love to share it with you all.
I hereby want to apologize for the one day delay, yesterday the whole of Lodwar had no gas and I couldn’t be able to make to Katukuri. Again I left in the morning and after I reached the vehicle couldn’t move all over sudden.  However, I thank God for using you to serve people of Turkana even when they had been humbled by the drought, HGH has made us proud, by the way it has touched our lives. Though challenges are growing every day. The food prices have skyrocketed so badly in our county due to other other challenges that have existed from time memorial, ie transportation, bad roads, lack of food supply etc. I hereby want to say thank you so much again, for every struggle made to make sure,the Turkana’s don’t starve even at a time when they need it so much. I don’t just take your effort and concern for granted, in deed am humbled to have had you as a partner and your generous support as always helped us see the horizon. Be blessed.
~Pastor Daniel

Much needed food and supplies finally arrived after they were able to gas up the vehicle

If you’d like to help support reaching the Turkana’s in Kenya, please click the Donate button below and include “Kenya Outreach” in the Comments section.  God bless you and please know we appreciate all your support!


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