Year in Review – November 2017

In November HGH partnered with the Colorado City Dream Center and it’s missionaries. This compound was formerly polygamist Warren Jeffs who is now in prison for life + 20 years, convicted of 2 counts of rape. Jeffs main house was a 44 bedroom home where he rotated in 20 to 30 wives and their children. Jeffs had some 68 wives that he rotated through multiple compounds through out the U.S.  The compound has two additional homes on it as well.

There is much work to be done to fulfill the transformation of this compound into a safe-house for victims of polygamy, and drug and alcohol addiction. Education is a great need in the community as many children, as well as adults, are illiterate.  The staff plans to provide a medical clinic as well.  HGH has taken up 3 loads of household items and will continue to work with the CC Dream Center to help fulfill it’s vision of the transformation of this compound to Impact & change the community.

44 bedroom home on compound where clients, staff and mission teams stay

5 bedroom home on compound where missionaries Glyn and Jena live

Not sure how many bedroom home on compound or what the plan for it is. But I’m sure they will eventually make use of it

First load HGH delivered to CC Dream Center

One of 2 large kitchens in main house

Looking to get involved?  Contact us for volunteer opportunities or click the Donate button below (add “Dream Center Outreach” in the Comments section).


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