Year in Review – December 2017

In December my infectious disease doctor released me to travel and it didn’t take long before my wife Mary and I were on a plane headed for India. Upon arriving in Imphal Manipur we spent the first couple of days evangelizing small villages around Imphal. The Gospel was shared to all and there was victory.

Evangelist wife who traveled with us is weaving traditional costume.

This lady after recently loosing her husband is selling fish and wine to support her self.

After working in communities surrounding Imphal our next destination was a village of Rangkhung high atop a mountain traveling 3 hours through the jungle. The following pics show our warm welcome.

HGH has purchased 2 acres near the village of Nonay to build a boarding school. There are no schools in these jungle villages, the kids are illiterate. The 65 plus orphans we support will also be housed here. The question I was asked the most by parents while atop the mountain was; when will the school be built, we are ready to send our kids. The only answer I could give them was; I don’t know, it depends when I can get the funds. These parents desperately want their kids to be educated.

These children are amazing

The women elders greeting our arrival

Mary was presented with traditional dress and got into the action

We fed hundreds, I quickly lost my job because I was too slow.

We reach out to the children in these remote villages through “talent hunts” and VBS.

Giving an encouraging Word.

Mary teaching at the VBS

The kids loved playing frisbee.

Mary sharing encouraging words with the children

group picture, staff and kids

Six villages competed in the talent hunt

Mary felt this little boy was special

group picture from Talent Hunt

A grandma died the first evening we arrived in Rangkhung. When someone dies in the village everyone goes to pay their their respect. We canceled a part of the VBS the next morning to attend.

Mary and I attended the gave site that they were still digging

Interested in getting involved in our India ministry?  Contact us regarding upcoming trips for an experience of a life time!  You can also donate towards our ministry.  Click the Donate button below and add “India Outreach” in the Comments section.  If you feel a specific calling towards giving to our boarding school, please add “India boarding school” to the Comments section.



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