Journey to Maasai Mara Kenya

Leaving Nairobi for Maasai Mara the look out over the Rift Valley is always my first stop. Kenya students are taking in the the fabulous sights.  Google the significance of the Rift Valley in scripture, it’s very interesting not to mention an awesome sight to see.

My home at Maasai Mara, little rough but it’s home

Pastor Sam and I leaving camp for church. Quite an experience with all the rain and mud and rivers flowing at high speed, we had to hike the last part of the journey. I thought we were going down a couple of times, but we made it, Prayer works!!

I hate these suspension bridges. You gotta do what you gotta do

Made it!!! Why are they laughing?

This is the first time I saw pastor Sam’s church completed. Thanks to one mans generosity and love of the church, HGH was able to assist in completing pastor Sam’s church.

Church service

After preaching I was inundated with gifts from the Maasai ladies.
What an honor it was.

Had “sweeties” left for the Shepard boys on our way back to camp

They could not get the peace sign down. OH well they’ve been invited to church. If they’re not moving goats next Sunday maybe they’ll show up.

Looking to get involved with us on the mission field.  Contact us for upcoming trip and volunteer opportunties and/ or click one of the donation options below to give towards the ministry





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