Visiting our Turkana friends in Katukuri Kenya

After a very successful trip to Maasai Mara I returned to Nairobi for a days rest then flew to Lodwar to visit our Turkana friends in Katukuri.  First order of business was to purchase food in Lodwar to take to our school and feeding center in Katukuri.

One month’s of food for our children in Katukuri

Camels are a common site in the desert of Turkana County

Teacher with school kids. This is our school. We desperately need a school house for our children.

Hanging out with the kids, other than a team from GCU that I brought out 2 years ago I’m the only white guy they see.

Some of the older kids that Joshua (blue shirt) teaches. The school house we would like to build would have 2 rooms, one room for the younger kids and and one for the older kids

These kids are very well disciplined and orderly

I tried my hand at string the pot. I’m not sure the cook thought I was doing it right

dishing it out for the kids to take home with them

Pastor Daniel and I hung out ion the kitchen hoping to get a meal, the cook said we had enough stored up, we didn’t need any.

Joshua’s (teacher) personal kitchen

Unloading food at Joshua’s house

A game the Turkana’s play.

The Turkana’s sell charcoal that they make for income, at roadside

Turkana lady and her children selling charcoal

The kids love to see pictures on the camera.

Sharing the Gospel with the community

We brought food to share with the families

Hanging out with the boys. After goofing around with them we had a great conversation. These are men of God with a strong Faith

These 2 men told me they travel a long way from another community to attend school everyday with our older kids. They are embarrassed that they are so much older than the other children but they do it because they want to learn english and get an education. I encouraged them and told them they were doing the right thing. They were very grateful and said they would bring others with them. I’m so blessed to be able to do this work!!  Thank you to those who support HGH so I am able to continue the work here in Kenya.

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