Greetings from Kenya

Dear brethren, greetings.

Its great to be able to demonstrate our joy in the work done by HGH to the people of Turkana. The school dream has grown to become a reality in the village of Katukuri,and children have had future hope. HGH is supporting the teacher and he is stationed right in the heart of the village,not only did he try to teach them in school only but also do some tuition to help them understand even more.

Last week was a great and a blessed time to have been visited by the president of HGH. The servant leader had time not only to mingle with both children and Adults. He spent his time with the children serving them and also listened to them. He visited every area of their school eg kitchen and store room. He had time to share and serve the villagers with what he had,and had i great time to be part of this wonderful time with him.He could withstand the scotching sun and the heat stayed with them for a couple of hours trying to listen to them and hear a bit of their culture. He finally spoke his heart to them and how he trust God for the vision that he started among them to be accomplished. He told them he trusts God for finances for classrooms,kitchen and water well that they wil lcome to a reality.

The following budget breakdown marked the end of the first quarter of the amount allocated to be used in the months of March 2018.

1) Teacher $ 100

2) Food $ 300

3)Daniel $ 250

4) Transport $ 100

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