Visiting the Miao Village in China

In booking my trip to China one of my goals was to try to go to a Miao village we had evangelized 6 or 7 years ago.  Multiple families had accepted Christ and were baptized and I desperately wanted to see how they were doing. Since then my efforts to reach this village failed because I was told it was to risky. This year risky or not I was determined. So Monday morning 4 of us departed depending on GPS to find this very remote village.  There were many challenges finding our way, but we were persistent and finally arrived 4 hrs late. Many had gone back out into the fields to work.
Xiao Shuang and Elizabeth went to ask a farmer for direction.

This sweet Miao lady stared in the kitchen 4 hrs keeping our food hot waiting for us to arrive.

Xiao Shuan (our head teacher at our pre school) and Zhangyan, my driver are hungry and ready to eat

We had a small service before we left and was able to share words of encouragement to the Miao believers.

They were thrilled with the fruit we brought them.

Of coarse we had to have a group picture. I could see they have remained solid in their faith and God has blessed them abundantly.  They are a hard working people and are experiencing the fruits of their labor. I am so grateful God had provided a way for me to visit them.  The first thing the man on the left said to me was he remembers the day I baptized him. It was very special and dear to his heart.

It was such an honor to come back to this village!  If you’d like to get involved by going on future China trips, please click the Contact button below.

You can also help support our ministry in China by donating.  Please select one of the donation options below and it will go towards our China ministry.


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