Our preschoolers in China

Today I visited our pre school that over the last 7 years we have had many children of migrant workers get a start to their education and learn Christian values. Their parents that bring them every morning and pick them up every evening have also been impacted  by the teaching of their children and to experience the feeling of peace and love that exists at the pre school. Xiao Shuang and her sister Xiao Mei  have done and continue to do a wonderful job with these children. They truly love them and it shows.

The children loved the toys we brought, Many of which they have never seen before

What a blast playing with these kids

The kids are showing off the new bracelets

Mother picking up her child at our pre school

Dad picking up his daughter after a hard days work

Grandpa picking up Grandson fro our pre school

We always enjoy being able to spend time with our preschoolers, their parents, and our teachers!  If you’d like to get involved by going on future China trips, please click the Contact button below.

You can also help support our ministry in China by donating.  Please select one of the donation options below and it will go towards our China ministry.


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