Helping Honduras

The picture below is one that I took of the prison in La Esperanza Honduras. Over the last 10 years HGH has been blessed to be allowed    to enter this prison to evangelize, do medical/dental brigades and bring gifts at Christmas. Many have benefitted from our brigades and gifts at Christmas not to mention those who have prayed to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Below is an email sent to HGH by Marvin and Cristina. I will be traveling to La Esperanza October 1st bringing sheets and blankets for those men over 60.  Currently these men are sleeping on bare concrete and serving long sentences. Many will die in this filthy prison. HGH is trying to get help to purchase as many mattresses as I can in La Esperanzato while I’m there the first week of October.

The cost of the mattresses are in Cristina’s email below.

Any help will be greatly appreciated to bring some dignity to these men in their last years.
Hi Brother Dennis,
Hope you are doing well.
I have the price of the matresses from the factory by dozen is: The cheapest of 2 inches $10,50 each. The 3 inches $ 12,50 each
There are 54 men over 60 (I didn’t know there were so many) but the most needed ones are 16 to 27. There is one of this list that
has a terminal illness and no hope to go out of prison soon.
Marvin is asking if you may bring yellow sweet corn seeds to plant, we can’t find them here.(he is saying 10 pounds or the amount you may bring) when you come.
Many blessings to you and Mary,
Cristina & Marvin

If you’d like to donate to help provide mattresses for Honduras, please click one of the donation options below.  Thank you so very much for your support!


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