Who we ARE


We are a Christian organization committed to helping and working with children and their families in impoverished communities around the world.  Our goal is to identify the causes of poverty and assist with projects that address these needs and create sustainability for families and their communities.  We believe that fulfilling physical needs is necessary to reaching the spiritual need of those entrapped in poverty and social injustice.


Who we SERVE


We have established partners on the Navajo Nation in Arizona and work with those in the need throughout the state.  Internationally we work very closely with national partners in China, India, Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, and Kenya.  We deny no one the essentials of life.


What we DO


Since 1998, we have traveled to poverty-stricken areas around the world assessing needs and tackling the real problems leading to poverty.  We provide feeding centers in communities where children go days without eating and extreme malnutrition exists.  We provide clean drinking water in communities where water is either polluted or scarce.  We provide medical and dental care for children and their families in communities where many have never seen a dentist or a doctor.  We support orphanages and orphans by providing food, schooling, and medical care for them.  We work with communities to develop vocational and agricultural projects that create sustainability and a strong infrastructure.


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