Feed a Child

Who we ARE

Feed a Child is a 501(c)(3) Christian non-profit organization under its parent organization, Hands Giving Hope.  Our focus is specific to children living in poverty.  Children are the one’s who are the most neglected  across the world and our heart and focus is to identify opportunities to provide food and proper nutrition, clean, water, medical/ dental care, and education.  We believe that fulfilling physical needs is necessary to reaching the spiritual needs of those entrapped in poverty and social injustice.

Who we SERVE

Locally, our model is to develop strong partnerships within the United States.  

  • We support and work with The 3000 Club, a non-profit organization.  They provide food, medical aid, school supplies, and disaster relief aid to those in need.  
  • We partner with Birthday Blessings to host birthday parties to those in low income and housing shelters.
  • We assist with refugees at Serrano Village in helping them adjust, become equip, and thrive in their new American culture.
  • We assist the AZ Burn Foundation with providing household items and other unmet needs to burn victims and their families.
  • In 2015, we’re starting to develop programs at Maricopa County Hospital for refugee women and children with their medical and emotional health needs.

Internationally, our model is to develop strong partnerships and work cooperatively  and intentionally with these partners to identify problems and culturally relevant solutions.  Currently, we work very closely with partners in China, India, Mexico, Honduras, Kenya, and the Philippines.

What we DO

Our activities have encompassed  orphan care, education, short-term food provision, medical/ dental services, housing/ water/ sanitary provision, and Christian spiritual development.  Specifically, we do the following:

  • Support orphans and vulnerable children by constructing and operating orphanages and other homes
  • Improve and promote health by providing food, shelter, clean water, and sanitation facilities 
  • Reach out to children and their families who have been impacted by HIV/ AIDS, through provision of medical treatment, comfort, economic support, and family care
  • Help prevent AIDS and other diseases through awareness, education, and prevention programs and support
  • Providing future opportunities by building schools, training centers, medical and dental facilities, hospitals, and other related facilities
  • Provide programs and opportunities for spiritual development, training, and education 

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