In the Intibuca province of Honduras, we travel to a region well-populated by Lenca Indians.  Our destination is called La Esperanza, which is Spanish for “Hope”.  The Lenca’s coexisted with the Mayan’s, and today remain in a truly traditional and undaunted culture.  High spirited, independent, and frequently autonomously operating under their own “rule” (not the Honduran governments).  


The mission team crosses rickety old bridges and tromps along steep trails to bring the Lencas the Good News.  We share the news of Christ, by giving away supplies that are much needed like eyeglasses, soap, & shampoo and distributing things that many rural Lencas have never used before like hammocks, machete’s & toys for the children.  We have a total of 4 feeding centers in remote areas that provide nutritious meals for children, many of whom are malnourished.  Additionally, we support communities by holding medical and dental brigades to provide much needed medical and dental care.



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