We work with Templo La Hermosa, a church in Puerto Penasco.  The church is located near the edge of town, within the community that it serves: Colonia Oriente.  Pastor Carlos has been called by God to share His message and serve this community.  The church congregation has grown from about 50 to over 250 members, and continues to grow.  Pastor Carlos is grateful for the help we bring, supporting this congregation and their community.  Our ministry is impacting his church and bringing new members into God’s family.


394831_493552390696539_1547400403_nIn the past we have built homes in the community for families with extreme need.  In partnership with Pastor Carlos we have started working with Pastor Miguel and Pastor Adon.  We support these new churches through community outreaches, medical clinics, and began feeding kitchens to reach out to the very poor families in their neighborhoods.  A goal of ours is to help build a community center for the youth in this vicinity.  Our hope that t his positive atmosphere will allow them to turn away from many of the negative influences that exist in these areas.



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