10387567_921226557929118_4598842349882575364_nWe first heard of the need in the Philippines from our close friend Lon, who was a missionary in the Philippines for thirteen year. Lon felt strongly that Hands Giving Hope could be used in massive way for the Kingdom, so in turn he introduced us to Pastor David. David, from Mindoro, oversees 86 small church on an island called Minila. Currently David is raising up Pastors to take over the ministry in Minila because he feels called to go back to his hometown of Mindoro and establish the church there.10306244_921226627929111_8648090669112553664_n

As Dennis met with David they both felt strongly to start bringing teams of missionaries to begin to evangelize and build relationships with the one tribe they knew of that was hidden on the largest mountain in Mindoro. As Dennis and David began to explore they discovered there nine tribes total that had fled to the mountain because of religious persecution. 

10616144_921226044595836_8150247709993789898_nThese people have been hurt deeply and do not trust easily–especially foreigners. Because of this, David and Dennis agreed that we must first begin to build relationships with these communities in order to reach them with the Gospel and see their souls saved.

Hands Giving Hope’s stands on the mission statement that says, “meeting physical needs in order to meet their spiritual needs.”This statement has bridged the gap.We build relationship with impoverished countries by meeting their physical needs. Once the trust is establish we share the Gospel and establish the church.11032000_921226711262436_9024881917641478239_n








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