Water well needs for the Turkana’s

As you can see in the pictures below, Turkana’s are surrounded by desert land; hot, dry, desert.  Things such as running water that we can go into the kitchen and turn a knob for is a long days journey and results in being quite the chore.  We’re looking to assist in building a deep well with a solar pump to help make their lives a bit easier.

Turkana gas station

Turkana gas station


 Camels are used in the communities of Turkana county for milk and meat. They said camel is the most nutritious meat for them to eat.

Camels are used in the communities of Turkana county for milk and meat. They said camel is the most nutritious meat for them to eat.


They allowed me to help water their camels

They allowed me to help water their camels


 This is the owner of the camels. He was very grateful we stopped by to help and to talk with him. The stick I am holding is a gift of gratitude from him.

This is the owner of the camels. He was very grateful we stopped by to help and to talk with him. The stick I am holding is a gift of gratitude from him.


These ladies are not at the beach, this is Turkana county desert, very hot with little shade and little water.

These ladies are not at the beach, this is Turkana county desert, very hot with little shade and little water.


 A shallow well not to far from Katukuri. They will be their 3/4’s of a day trying to fill all these containers. We are hoping to raise funds to dig a deep well with a solar pump for the Turkana’s in the community of Katukuri. We will also be able to supply water for other communities as well.

A shallow well not to far from Katukuri. They will be their 3/4’s of a day trying to fill all these containers. We are hoping to raise funds to dig a deep well with a solar pump for the Turkana’s in the community of Katukuri. We will also be able to supply water for other communities as well.


Please consider donating to this worth cause of providing the Turkana community with a solar pump for their water well (add “Turkana solar pump” to the Comments section on the donation form).



Kenya church building coming along

Pastor Sam is one of the pastors we work with in Kenya.  He has been in the process of building a church for his community; a place for all those around to gather and worship His mighty name.  Please check out the process and see how you can get involved.


Pastor Sam’s church he is building. We would like to raise the funds to put the cement floor in for him.


Inside of the church

Inside of the church


Let the little children come

Let the little children come


Please consider helping us provide the necessary funds to help finish off the flooring for Pastor Sam’s church.  Just click on the icons below and add “Massai church floor” in the Comments section of the donation form.



Providing education in Kenya

One of the many ways we’re assisting those in the Massai community in Kenya is through education.  We help support a teacher as well as provide much needed school and food supplies to the area.  Please check out some of the needs below and consider donating.


School we support in Maasai community


The children meet under the trees for school and to eat. You can see their blackboard is in pretty bad shape We really need to build a school room for them

The children meet under the trees for school and to eat. You can see their blackboard is in pretty bad shape We really need to build a school room for them


 Right now the food is stored inside Joshua’s home. makes it pretty cramped. We hope to be able to build a small storage

Right now the food is stored inside Joshua’s home. makes it pretty cramped. We hope to be able to build a small storage


The school was built by a man from Norway. We support the teacher 2nd in from the left. It’s a one room class room and our vision is to build 8 of them (1 at a time) so the school can support all the kids in the community

The school was built by a man from Norway. We support the teacher 2nd in from the left. It’s a one room class room and our vision is to build 8 of them (1 at a time) so the school can support all the kids in the community


This Grandma has grandchildren attending the school. In appreciation of our support she gave me one of the necklaces she was wearing and said to give it to my wife. Pretty cool!!!

This Grandma has grandchildren attending the school. In appreciation of our support she gave me one of the necklaces she was wearing and said to give it to my wife.
Pretty cool!!!


Please consider donating to the cause of providing much needed building and education to those in the Massai community (add “Massai community education” in the Comments section).


Visiting the Turkana’s and Massai’s in Kenya

Each time I leave the U.S. and the comfort of my home I am overwhelmed with the need that exists in the countries HGH works in and the partners and projects we work with. As I am sitting in my hotel room in Nairobi reflecting on the last 10 days I have spent here in Kenya and getting ready to fly home, my emotions are telling me this trip is no different, overwhelmed. But my Spirit is telling me we serve a great God and that nothing is too large for Him, He is in charge. That gives me peace and encouragement and the willingness to continue on.
I hope these pictures tell a story that I can’t put into words.


My humble abode at Maasai Mara where we work with a church and a school in the Maasai communities



Pastor Sam and I leaving camp to go visit his church, the school we support and the Maasai people.



The Maasai’s have many goats and cows



Maasai lady going to cut fire wood for cooking



Typical Maasai home


Our teacher Joshua next to his new home in Katukuri. Joshua teaches at the school we started in Katukuri at the beginning of this year. This is a typical Turkana home.

Navajo Nation Christmas Outreach

We’re coming up on that time of year again… getting ready for one of our largest community gatherings up in the Navajo Nation for our annual Christmas outreach.  We’ve had the privilege of serving alongside our partners, Pastor Stan and Maxine, for years and are extremely excited for all that God’s been doing throughout their community!

Navajo Nation
 Our trip is planned for Dec 2-4 and would love for you all to join us!  The trip costs $200/ person.  If you’re interested in joining our amazing trip to serve with our Navajo partners, help provide Christmas dinner, turkeys, and most importantly the message of Hope to the Nation, please contact Dennis Hislop (email: dhislop@hghope.org or call 602.881.0660) .


We also have other opportunities to get involved with this trip, whether you’re unable to attend or you want to help support in other ways.  We’re looking to raise a total of $5,500.  This total cost includes $4,000 for 180 turkeys that will be given to the community.  The remaining $1,500 will cover the Christmas dinner fixings, where we typically feed approximately 750 people!  It will also cover the cost of food/ transportation for our team.  Please contact Dennis Hislop (email: dhislop@hghope.org or call 602.881.0660) for these supporting opportunities.

Navajo Nation

We can’t wait to see what God has in store for this team, this trip, and the Navajo Nation!!

Living in the name of Jesus… in the Philippines

Our GCU team in the Philippines is having the time of their lives… living in the name of Jesus!  He shows up in every situation, teaching them so much about themselves and others, and is working through them in ways only He does.  They’ve been busy conducting bible studies with the youth, planting rice, visiting several churches and neighborhoods, cleaning schools and providing supplies for the kids, have fed so many kids, just to name a few things.  There’s also been time to feel refreshed by visiting the Naujan Lake National Park, pick Kalamansi, and going to the infinity farm (oh the waterfall!).



We recently received a message from one of our GCU missionaries and are thrilled to share it with you!

It honestly feels like the thought of leaving is incomprehensible! We are truly loving it here!  Very much looking forward to the rest of the days left and all that God has in store! We have seen and encounter God move tremendously in us and in the lives of others! From salvation to fire filled worship services to simply even seeing the Word of God touch lives at Men’s devotional for pastor Dario’s new house! It’s been great just seeing God move and seeing Him move is as we remain obedient and willing to serve and share of His behalf! What’s left of these few days is seeing Puerto Galera, hanging with family and bible study, prayer meeting, and wrapping this trip up! What God has taught me so far as a missionary is living: living in His presence, living out the call He has predestined you to, and living the life worthy of Christ and declaring His goodness and His truth among all through action, word and deed. Truly it’s been all about what it means to live as a follower of Jesus, allowing His transformation in you to preach louder than your words knowing even still you are being transformed and renewed! It’s been a pleasure, and if there’s any way I can encourage anyone to come out to the Philippines or simply go out beyond the borders stepping into the call, I will gladly do so! 
Thank you so much again, Dennis for all your prior and continued help, support and encouragement!
God is SO good and I am honored to be here, and be serving along side yourself and Hands Giving Hope!
Courtney Okwudibonye

Enjoy some of the many highlights from this trip thus far

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God moving in Kenya

We currently have 2 GCU teams here in Kenya both working in 2 completely different cultures, the Maasai tribe and the Turkana tribe. I’ve been running as fast I can taking small planes, vehicles on roads you wouldn’t believe, trying to catch up with them to experience the great work they are doing with these 2 remote tribes.

The team pictured below had come from a very moderate climate working 2 weeks with the Maasai tribe to a very hot desert to live and work with the Turkana’s for 3 weeks. Here they are with Turkana ladies and children. They have since left the Turkana tribe and are back with the Maasai’s for 3 more weeks.



Please enjoy our slideshow of some of the many highlights taking place with our GCU Kenya teams, which also includes Pastor Stan from our Navajo Reservation!  God is moving through these teams!!

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GCU ministering in Maasai Mara, Kenya

GCU students have been busy ministering in Maasai Mara, Kenya.  As with many of our trips, there’s quite the travel experience to get to our ministry areas.  Kenya is no different.  The team had to cross some rivers to get to the Maasai school.



The journey is always so worth it though.  Our GCU Kenya students had the opportunity to get to know the kids through games as well as conducting a bible study.




… and of course no trip to Kenya is complete without a little wild life adventure.


They are now on their way to work with the Turkana’s.  Please continue to keep the team in your prayers during their travels, preparing the hearts of all those they come in contact with, and during ministry.  May God be their leader paving the way!

Kenya prepares for GCU arrival

Our 2 month team has left Maasai Mara after working with the Maasai tribe for 2 weeks. They are resting in Nairobi for a couple of days before they catch a small plane and fly to Lodwar and then drive 2 hours to Katukuri to work with the Turkana tribe for 3 weeks. Pastor Daniel is filling the water tank in Katukuri preparing for their arrival.


India journey continues

Last day in India

Before leaving India, the GCU students had a day of fun!  They spent the day at the park, eatting, boating, and just enjoying all that God’s done through them in Imphal Manipur India.  They will never be the same… in the best possible way🙂





Trusting God with BIG dreams

I took the GCU team to the property we have purchased with the vision of building a Christian Boarding School/Orphanage. We currently support 63 orphans. A school is a huge need in this community as there is no school for many kilometer’s. This school will accommodate approx. 1,000 students.

Advances we have made towards our vision:
We have paid to have stone hauled up from the river for the foundation
The Chief of the village and the community built a road to our property
The Chief and the villagers are tapping into a mountain spring to bring water to our property
The Chief and the villagers are supplying the electric poles and wire to bring electric to our property
Our next step is to raise the funds for the foundation. That effort will take $70,000. to complete


Jungle life in India


Other challenges in reaching your destination in the Jungles of India.


But no matter what they’ve been faced with, they’ve enjoyed the journey and bring the light of Jesus with them.


Preschool time in China

Our China GCU team has been busy teaching english to the little ones at our preschool.





Village life in India

The GCU India team has been traveling a lot lately visiting many jungle villages in Northern India.  As many have come to find out, no mission trip is complete without a little vehicle issue on the way.  Due to the rainy season, the team actually had to get out and walk the rest of the way to the village.


Once they made it to the villages, the team had the opportunity to spend some amazing time in fellowship with the communities.  They might not have been able to spend Mother’s Day with their mom’s, but they did get to spend it with some amazing mom’s from the villages.


They’ve also had so many special moments praying for those they come in contact with, teaching many of the kids, and conducting seminars for the villages.






Thankfully they’ve also had time to relax and rejuvenate in one of India’s waterfalls.  Thank you Jesus for showing up everywhere this team goes, speaking through them, and providing such joy and refreshment all in Your precious name!


God’s movin’ in India

GCU students have been busy in India.  They’ve been visiting villages in many remote and “hilly” areas being an encouragement at each stop.


They’ve had a chance to play sports with the kids, assist in schools, preach, and pray for those they meet.



Through the GCU India team, God has been moving mightyly and it’s only just begun!


Medical brigades in Honduras

Medical brigades went off with out a hitch. First day was in Delores, where the team saw about 82 medical patients and had the opportunity to play with a lot of the kids that showed up.  This was followed by day in Carrizal, where almost 100 medical patients were seen along with the dentist pulling out over 40 teeth. She is also starting to put Fluoride on the children’s teeth as a preventative.



Amazing story from Nicole Hill:
On our way back from Carrizal, we stopped to see a patient who was unable to come to the clinic. We visited her two years ago when we had the last medical brigade there. She is a 33 year old women who has rheumatoid arthritis. When we visited her 2 years ago we visited her on her porch and gave her medication for a leg ulcer that she had. Today she is completely bedridden unable to turn her self due to the pain. She also is unable to sit in a chair due to the pain and now has an ulcer on her other leg. It also appeared that her leg is atrophying. She is in excruciating pain and only has ibuprofen for it. We prayed for her, for a miracle. The presence of God was so strong in that room while we prayed. It moved the students that came with me and the doctor. We only had three students with us. It amazes them that she was so young, and something in the states that is manageable with medications. Her name is Virginia and she prays that God will heal her completely but she feels blessed that while her body is failing her, her mind is strong.




Fun & Firsts in China

A night out for “HOT POT”, It’s very popular in China and you have many interesting choices available to you.


GCU in the Philippines

GCU in Honduras

Our GCU Honduras team has made it safely with their fearless leader Nicole Hill.  She is leading a group of 15 students from GCU has they embark on medical brigades in the next few days.  They’ve been busy prepping medical bags with much needed pills and vitamins that will be handed out during their medical visits, where teams typically see about 100-200 patients a day (thank you to those who donated these supplies).

image2 (1)

Cristina, our Honduras partner, led the team into town to the chapel on the hill, where you can see all of La Esperanza and the surrounding mountains.


Please keep the Honduras team in your prays as they travel and conduct their medical brigades as well as prayer for their patients that they may be able to bless them with spiritual and physical medicine.

GCU Team lands in India

After a long flight with multiple stops our GCU team has arrived in Imphal India. They will remain in Imphal for a couple days to rest and get instruction and then it’s off to the jungle to work with different tribal communities.


GCU Team has arrived in China


After a 4:00 am arrival at their hotel the ready and willing GCU students were up and ready to go for a 8:30 am breakfast. Then it was off to the bank to exchange some money, walk around the city to see some sights, back to the hotel to check out, off for some lunch at a local noodle place, then it was off to the 2 schools the students will be working at, dinner at one of the schools, then off to their host homes to get a good nights sleep.



God and GCU taking the world by storm

I arrived in China a day ago ahead of the GCU team that will be arriving May 3rd. After over a 24hour trip and a 15 hour difference in time it takes one a while to get your days and nights back on schedule. Today I’m resting and getting out to get some fresh air before I get to work preparing for the team to arrive.




On May 1st 3 GCU teams will ascend on Sky Harbor airport to depart for China, India and the Philippines.
On May 3rd a team will depart for Honduras
On May 15th our first team will depart for Kenya and on June 8th our 2nd team will depart for Kenya.

Together with GCU we will be covering the globe this summer making a difference in peoples lives and an impact in their communities. This summer the students will be working with the Miao and Lisu minority groups, the Lenca Indians, the manyan tribe, the Maasai tribe and the Turkana tribe.

Excitement on the Navajo Reservation

GCU student’s making a difference on the Navajo Nation. They spent one week working with pastor Stan and Lisa in Kaibeto and surrounding area’s delivering water tote’s to families for water supply. One family used a 275 gal. to for water supply for a large garden that they grow for food for themselves and also to give away to other needy families.

Navajo pic

The GCU students also did a VBS for the children in the community where we had as many as 70 children attend daily to hear about the love of Jesus, play games, do crafts and of coarse they were fed.

Navajo Pic 2

One of the highlights of the trip was when the students prayed for a peyote road man (medicine man)and he accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.

The students truly had a life changing experience while serving on the reservation and look forward to continuing their work there.

More details on Katukuri for GCU

Here’s our “final “installment” of extra details for our GCU students (for overall details please see previous post).  We are so excited for all God has in store for these students!!

Students welcoming me to their school. This is one class. We have about 100 students. Teacher in blue. Students will be staying in tents during the week working in the school and with the tribe.


School kitchen and volunteer cook, beans are cooking in the pot and then she will add rice. It’s a great meal!!


I have a special relationship with this teacher and elder. The students are going to love these guys.


The students are singing; I am standing on the Rock and Jesus is the rock on whom I stand upon

More details on Lodwar for GCU

Here’s just a little insight into what the GCU students will be involved with when traveling to Lodwar.  To read more about their trips please visit our previous post.

Church family in Lodwar, students will be spending their weekends working withe church in Lodwar


Church family in Lodwar


More details on Maasai Mara for GCU

We previously shared about opportunities our GCU students will have in Kenya (details here).  Here’s a little more on Maasai Mara.

My friend Joe and his family, owners of a Safari camp in Maasai Mara, have agreed to have our students stay at his camp during their time at Maasai Mara. This is the dining area. Sweet!!


Joe and cook in kitchen at Maasai Mara camp.


Hanging out with the elders in Maasai village, one of the villages students will be working in



Pastor Samson’s wife (on back left) is a teacher at a school where our students will be working.


Hard telling what you’re going to run into in the Maasai villages


Preparing the way for GCU students in Kenya

I, Dennis, am currently in Kenya organizing and preparing for 2 different groups of GCU students coming to Kenya for mission work.
There will be 3 area’s where they will work.

1) They will travel from Nairobi by road to Maasai Mara to work with pastors Samson and Samuel and the Maasai Tribe.

2) They will travel from Nairobi by air (small prop plane) to Lodwar to work with pastor Daniel and his church.

3) They will travel from Lodwar by road to Katukuri to work with the Turkana tribe.
The GCU students will be living (in tents) and working with these tribal people building relationships and learning their culture.

GCU in Puerto Penasco… final part

Our last, but certainly not least, story from another GCU student.  What an amazing God we serve!!


Man, what a week! I got the opportunity to spend my spring break in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico. Me and a group of 3 others from GCU went and spent it praying, serving, and being the hands and feet of the Lord. We helped lay a concrete roof on the new church, went and prayed with families, cartel and gang members, and partnered with a little league baseball team. God blessed us so much this past week and I will be forever grateful for it! To top it off I got to celebrate my birthday with all my new friends.




GCU in Puerto Penasco… part 2

Please continue to celebrate with us all that our amazing God did through these GCU students in Puerto Penasco, Mexico.  We are continuing with another story from another student that journeyed on this God life changing adventure.


I was so blessed to be able to lead and learn with these students from GCU. We each got to experience God’s love in a whole other way. Our stay with the Pastor’s Bonifacio taught us to live out our faith boldly and never stop investing in the Kingdom. Pastor Adan and Alicia have a heart for Puerto Peñasco and we got to see that working closely with them on our trip. Together we made house visit, prayed for the sick, mentored the youth, feed the hungry, cleaned the church and shared the gospel with everyone we came across. Not only did we get to enjoy time among the church community, but we also got to connect with the city little league team Coached by Pastor Henry. We got to see the all the great things God is doing through that team and its leadership. My time in Puerto Peñasco will never be forgotten.





GCU in Puerto Penasco… part 1

We recently took a trip down to Puerto Penasco, Mexico with a group of GCU students… during their spring break.  Yes… these students gave up their spring break to be used by God in mighty ways.  The next few days we’d like to share some of their stories of how God showed up and rocked their world!


“Ayudame a mirrar con tus ojos, Jesus”. Translation: “Help me to see with your eyes, Jesus”. (These words were written on a mural from a wall in Puerto Peñasco). I spent a week in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico on a missions trip. I can honestly say that I am forever changed and humbled from this trip. God truly showed his power while my team and I were down there and I am truly in awe of my Heavenly Father. I gained new members of my family while staying with Pastor Adan and Alicia and I look forward to seeing them again.




Kids learning in Katukuri


Our school is doing well in Katukuri. The Turkana tribe is very grateful their kids are able to be educated.




Mexico Baseball expansion

Our baseball program in Mexico is expanding. Coach Henry has gotten into 3 different schools and we now have over 100 kids in our developmental league. We are also planning on starting a girls softball team with all the interest the young girls are showing. The Gospel through sports is growing in Puerto Peñasco.

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

Exciting family news!!

I, Dennis, never heard of a reveal the gender party before. This was awesome!!! It’s a GIRL!!! Mary and I are going to be Grandparents, we are so excited!!!


Leader for GCU China mission

Please meet Gabriel Eagle, a music major at GCU is leading our GCU mission trip to China in May. He will also be visiting our project in India. What a blessing he and the rest of our team will be to our students in China and in India. Mary and I were honored to be invited to his recital earlier this month.

Update – Mexico Baseball league

The new president of Puerto Peñasco has taken a liking to our little league baseball team we started 5 years ago to draw kids away from the drug culture they live in and on to a more positive direction in life. Coach Henry, who played in the Chicago Cubs minor league system and currently pastors a church in Puerto Peñasco not only has been teaching these boys great baseball skills but daily sharing Christian values with them having a wonderful influence on them and their families.

A week ago our team represented Puerto Peñasco in a national tournament in Hermosillo, first time Puerto Penasco has been represented, and took home the second place trophy and the right to represent the state of Sonora in another National tournament starting March 27th in Queretaro Mexico down by Mexico City.
If we go to the finals of this tournament we will earn the right to play in the International tournament and the finalists of this tournament will represent Mexico in the Little League World Series.

I, Dennis, have to say that when I started this I know Henry had lofty goals and so did I, but our focus was and is to make a difference in these boy’s lives and to have an impact on their families. That I think we have accomplished and will continue to try and accomplish with new kids coming into our program. What is happening with this team now is truly a blessing.

Our next challenge is raising $1,600.00 to get these boys and their coaches to the tournament in Queretaro. If you would like to help you can go to www.hghope.org, click on the donate button put in Mexico baseball in the comment box.


A secret revealed…

Today I, Dennis, am praising God for:
Successful surgery on Feb. 22nd to remove a large tumor from my left leg.
Pathology report that came back benign (NO CANCER!!!) on Feb. 26th.o
A swift recovery
Prayer warriors support.
Unbelievable family support.

Today I’m believing:

On March 10th I will be released to fly and I be back out on the trail again.

Tending God’s “soil” in Kenya

We’ve previously mentioned our involvement in helping the Turkana’s in Kenya and wanted to provide a little more background so everyone can see the amazing presence of God in this location.  The Turkana’s actually live in the Katukuri village in Kenya, which was founded by Lorui Pakro, as a trade center back in 2002.  This center was known for selling food and charcoal along the way to the kakuma refugee camp.  It had a population of about 7000, but the village was alienated from the rest of civilization.  Their resource of basic needs, such as medical care, water, and school, was well under par.  For the past 5 years with God’s direction, Dennis with Hands Giving Hope has been able to come alongside this community and not only provide for some of their basic needs but also share the Love of Christ.  Currently HGH is supporting the children in this village by initiating a school and providing food on a monthly basis.  We are truly fulfilling God’s calling for HGH in Kenya by meeting the physical needs of the Turkana’s in order to reach their spiritual needs.  To God be the Glory!  We are so excited for the potential God has in store for this village!
school food

Food for the village


katukuri child reading

katukuri child reading


Snack time – katukuri class getting biscuits


Teacher teaching class


Teacher sharing the joy with his class

India earthquake update from Pastor Santa

Pastor Santa, (from Manipur Imphal, India) has been traveling and visiting with many in his area that were effected by the earthquake by providing them with much needed supplies.  He provided us with a little note and some pictures of his activities.

Hi Pastor Dennis

Greetings in the name of our Lord  Jesus Christ.
Please pray for Gairilong village where you visited last time.
This village is also affected by the recent quake.
With Love
Santa Kamei







Below is a swinging bridge that these pastors walk across to reach the village.


Dennis has also had the opportunity to walk across this… yes swinging… bridge many times during his trips to help reach these villages… not fun.


Philippines Typhoon Nona & Christmas help

Pastor David giving out gifts to kids in the community at our Christmas gift distribution.



Before Christmas Typhoon Nona hit Mindoro Island. Many of our church members had substantial damage to their homes. We’ve been able to help with roof panels as they start to rebuild.




Katukuri school opens!

Our school in Katukuri has opened. We have hired a teacher and delivered food and school supplies. For now we are meeting under tree’s but have plans to build a simple building as funds become available. We also desperately need a Well. Please pray for funding.




These Turkana kids and their parents are very excited.

our children


China preschoolers’ Christmas

Christmas at our Pre-School in China. Our teacher and mission partner is doing an amazing work with these young children.

Our head teacher with one of her students

Our head teacher with one of her students

 Some our our students with their parents at the Christmas party.

Some our our students with their parents at the Christmas party.


Assisting refugees

HGH partners with Georgia and Anna Sepic that have a 2-part mission in their work with refugees. They work directly through refugee resettlement agencies to provide housing for newly arriving refugees and also provide educational support and training for them as well. Here we were able to provide 5 new families with bedding and household items.


Helping earthquake victims in Imphal Manapur India

January 6th I (Dennis) received an email from the pastors I work with in Imphal Manipur India that an earthquake had hit Manipur and that the epicenter was at the Tamenglong district an area where we work. There were 8 deaths reported and over seventy injured. Other surrounding villages we work in were affected as well.

Pastor Lungsim and others setting up shelter for earthquake victims

Pastor Lungsim and others setting up shelter for earthquake victims

Pastor Lungsim delivering blankets to earthquake victims

Pastor Lungsim delivering blankets to earthquake victims


Please pray for Pastors Lungsim, KP and Santa as they visit earthquake victims in the hospital in Imphal, setting up shelters and visiting the communities assessing the needs and ministering to the victims.
church damaged by earthquake

church damaged by earthquake

Pastor Santa ministering to earthquake victims
Pastor Santa ministering to earthquake victims

Pastor Santa assessing the needs in the villages

Pastor Santa assessing the needs in the villages

Rescuing efforts

Rescuing efforts

Pastor Lungsim said the earthquake victims are in need of food, medicine, warm clothing, some household items, and help with putting up shelters for them. You can give on line at www.hghope.org and click on the donate button. In the comment section put for India earthquake. 100% of what you give will go towards helping the earthquake victims.


Christmas party in San Rafael Mexico


Team for Hope bike team did a Christmas party for the children of our Feeding Center in San Rafael operated be pastor Adan and his wife Alecia.

Pastor Adan’s wife Alicia sharing God’s Word.

Pastor Adan’s wife Alicia sharing God’s Word.

Team for Hope doing some fun songs with the kids.

Team for Hope doing some fun songs with the kids.


What a blessing it was for these children as they received God’s Word, small gifts, cupcakes and of coarse their was a piñata.

Party is taking place in the middle of our future community center. As you can see we have a ways to go to completion.

Party is taking place in the middle of our future community center. As you can see we have a ways to go to completion.

Pastor Adan and Team for Hope bike team getting ready to brave the piñata

Pastor Adan and Team for Hope bike team getting ready to brave the piñata




To end the party we raffled of 6 new bicycles. It was a great time had by all and a wonderful Finale to our Christmas.

We have a winner

We have a winner

Another winner

Another winner


Last bike raffled off

Last bike raffled off

Team for Hope with winners of bike raffle

Team for Hope with winners of bike raffle


VBS in India

Lungsim, K.P. and Santa are amazing pastors working from Imphal Manipur India. They often travel out into the jungle to tribal communities spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ reaching out to the children through VBS. They have been very successful in planting churches, raising up pastors and leaders, drawing people into the Kingdom of God and discipleship. I am so grateful to have them as partners of HGH.




Navajo Christmas Outreach – nothing short of amazing!


There’s been some debate among our staff as to how many years we have been doing the Christmas Outreach in Kaibeto on the Navajo Reservation. We believe our first one was Christmas of 2001. This years dinner was nothing short of AMAZING!!!

It was smooth sailing from food prep. to serving the dinner to giving away gifts. Many thanks to the members of pastor Stan’s church who volunteered and also to our HGH staff.




We estimated we served 550 people and gave away 180 turkey’s. Every family went home with a frozen turkey.





We were able to give diapers to mothers who came to the dinner with their babies and every child was able to pick out a toy.




We were able to give away 6 more bicycles in addition to the 120 that were given away the Saturday before.




We had comforters, blankets, quilts, pillows and beautiful rugs that every family could choose from.



HGH was truly blessed this year as all the turkey’s, food for the dinner and all gifts were 100% donated.




We are so grateful for our relationship with pastor Stan and his wife Maxine, his daughters Lisa and Margaret and families, members of the church and the many Navajo’s who have become our friends.



We look forward to continuing our work on the reservation in 2016.



Blessing the Navajo Nation with… turkey turkey turkey

Since 2001 we’ve been going to the Navajo Nation in the community of Kaibeto serving Christmas dinners. This year we were blessed with 180 turkeys to give away at the dinner.




Kaibeto kids getting bikes for Christmas

December 12, 2015 HGH was blessed with 150 new bikes that were given to Children on the Navajo reservation. Pastor Stan and his church saw to it that kids in the community of Kaibeto that needed a bike got one.


On a cold Saturday morning in Kaibeto kids showed up with their parents to receive their bicycles





God using baseball to change lives

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